My oldest son, Aiden, has been diagnosed with Autism. I talk about it quite a lot on this blog. Here are a few of my posts relating to our story with Autism. They are pretty much in chronological order with the newest being at the top. I will also share some helpful Autism resources below.

How Autism Has Changed the Way We Celebrate

Things No One Told Us About Kids With ADHD (an article I wrote on - not specifically about Autism but definitely applicable)

When Autism Feels Like More Than I Can Handle

Feeding Therapy: Session #1, Therapy Meal with the Occupational Therapist

Feeding Therapy

3 Ways You Can Make School a Happier Place for Your Child with Autism ( an article I wrote published on technorati)

My Son Has Autism ( A collection of Autism articles ) 

Travelling With Your Child With Autism ( guest post I wrote on My Wee View )

Emotional Aiden

Aiden's Cuddle Swing

Christmas and Autism: 5 Things You Can Do To Help  (this is an article I wrote on another site)

Birthday Parties and Autism

Aiden, Autism and Aggression

The Anatomy of a Play-Date

Aiden's Weighted Blanket

PostSecret and Autism

A Letter to My Son

Sensory Issues: The OT Report

Thank-you Government Funding

An Official Diagnosis- Finally!!

Ok... So what you are saying is... Huh?: Another Assessment from Another Doctor

Tomorrow?: Seeing the Pediatrician

Fail to Process Data: Aiden's Assessment Report

The Big Non-Assessment

Aiden's Logic: Autism & Hitting

Pure Joy People: Aiden's Assessment Date Moved Up

Hope?: Finally Someone Listened To My Please for Help!

Do I Have a Replay Button? : Answering Questions for Health Professionals.

You Asked For it... Processing Our Life

Difficult but Likeable: Aiden's Speech Assessment

Aiden's Psychological Assessment

Aiden Update: Potential ASD?


A hair-dryer kid in a toaster-brained world (a great post on MOM- Not Otherwise Specified that has a wonderful way to explain Autism to kids in it!)
Help with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Related Disorders

Autism (and other special needs) in the Church- The Inclusive Church

World Autism Awareness Day

Autism Society of Canada

Autism on Wikipedia

Autism Canada

Autism Fact Sheet

Autism - Kids Health ( perfect for explaining Autism to kids )

AutismWeb - for parents

Autism Speaks Canada

I Teach - for teachers

OASIS @MAAP - collection of articles and resources

Asperger's Syndrome Guide for Teachers

Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism by Temple Grandin

Especially for Grandparents

Autism Moms Have Stress Similar to Combat Soldiers

Autism, Vaccines, Brains, Epidemics, Genes, Wakefield - What does it all mean?

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