Let the Sunshine In

Recovering from a period of depression is tricky. Some mornings I wake up ready to face the day and get stuff done. Other mornings I wake up and debate if getting out of bed is worth it.

Today is somewhere in the middle so I tried to do a few things to push myself towards the positive end of the spectrum.

I forced my kids to take selfies with me this morning on our front step in the sunshine to give myself a visual reminder of how important it is that don't give in to the depression.

Also I love the sunshine.

I've been trying to meditate daily and I've been using Headspace to help me do that. I really enjoy it. This month I am doing some depression-specific meditations and one of the techniques is visualizing yourself being filled up with light airy warm sunshine.

It helps.

My energy generally runs out fairly early in the day and that is my current annoyance / struggle with my depression. I feel ok for a few hours and then sort of crash progressing to bouts of panic by the time I go to bed. It's stupid and I hate it but there it is nonetheless.

Overall though I AM feeling better and despite how slow "recovery" is I am thankful to be moving forward.


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