Pink Trees and Creativity

The older I get the more I realize just how much the weather affects me.

And that annoys me because I live in a place that has 8 months of winter every year.

I should probably live in one of those places that has 300 days of sunshine per year or something but that isn't particularly feasible at this point in my life.

I don't even mind winter really. Fresh white snow, frosted trees, crisp air ... it's all really beautiful for about 2 weeks. But around month 5 I start to question our sanity for living here.

Last week it was gorgeous out. Very Spring-like with lovely above zero temperatures and sunshine and the possibility of growing things all over the place. My mood was light because of it.

And then it snowed and got all cold and frozen and grey again and my mood responded accordingly.


I grew up where there are gorgeous pink cherry blossoms flowering all over the place and they've been showing up a lot on my facebook feed lately and I absolutely ache with missing those trees.

In an effort to get my mind on positive things and kickstart my writing I've been using fiction-writing prompts and writing challenges and such just to make myself write every day. It's been good. It's not writing I will share with anyone - that's not the point - it's just to be creative. I like it.

Today I am going to write something random about the lovely pink trees and sunshine and smile.


Unknown said…
You are so awesome! What an amazing photo ❤

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