Our New System So Mommy Doesn't Go Crazy

Due the the whole wildfire - evacuation - no school until September experience we are having an extra long summer.

About a week ago I noticed that my kids were spending more and more time in front of screens. Unless I made a big fuss it seemed that screens were all they wanted to do.

I was not ok with that.

So I took to Pinterest and researched the systems used by other families to solve this problem while still allowing time for me to work and generally not go crazy.

After a few days of research and talking at great length with the kids about what they would like to do we settled on an "earn screen time" system. They can also use the system to earn extra money if they so choose.

I am pretty excited about it so I figured I would share it here just for fun!

First of all this will be what the charts look like on the wall. The kids will also have copies of everything in their rooms so they can take a closer look.

This is the chart in the middle:

 This is the CHORES chart.

This is the Ideas to earn screen time chart.

And this is the What to Write About chart.

And that is that!

Happy summer everyone :)


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