My Nomination for the #WindowsPhone #SummerSwitch Campaign is @LindsayDianne

How many bloggers do you know who don’t have smart phones? Not many, right? Well, I know one. She’s my assistant, and somehow she manages to be online more than most people I know, and yet… The girl just never joined the smart phone wave. That is, until now.

Many of you will remember this past Christmas season, when I was a part of the #WindowsPhone #HolidaySwap campaign. I was asked to switch my current smart phone out for a Windows Phone, and to give my honest opinions about the pros and cons as I experienced them. If you were following along then as you are now, you’ll probably remember how much I loved this experience! The Windows Phone simplified everything, and coming from the irritating cell that I had been using before? It was like a breath of fresh air.
the Nokia Lumia 920

At the end of the campaign, I was asked to nominate someone to join a new campaign based on the same idea. The person that I suggested was Lindsay Dianne, and the reason for that is simple; the girl has gone without a phone long enough. For goodness sake, we make our living in social media! There may have never been someone who needed a smart phone more.
the lovely @LindsayDianne

There’s a slight possibility that my nomination was self-serving, in a way, but don’t tell her. I mean, if you knew how quickly Lindsay responds to my emails and messages most of the time, you would have to wonder just how responsive she’d be if she was at my beck and call 24/7. And if you had an amazing assistant like Lindsay, you’d want to give her the chance to experience the Windows Phone too, because the machine is nothing short of phenomenal. 

For anyone who needs to stay connected, the Windows Phone manages to integrate your social media platforms in the best possible ways. Not to mention that the camera on this phone is the best on the market when it we’re talking smart phones. Throw in the fact that this girl is a photographer and it’s a total no-brainer! Lindsay was definitely my pick for the #SummerSwitch campaign using #WindowsPhone.


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