Like Kisses in the Sky

I wanted to share my beautiful Mother's Day gifts with you all. Olivia wrote me the sweetest poem...

It says "I love you mommy so much like the kises in the sky. you are beautiful."

Seriously. How cute is that?

She also gave me about 15 drawings and these lovely flowers in a pot she painted herself...

Owen's class did not make mother's day presents at school so he drew me this picture of him and I holding hands and gave me a big hug and told me he loved me which I assured him was just perfect ...

Aiden told me he didn't want to give me his gift. He told me his teacher MADE him make it and told him he HAD to give it to me. So he did. But he wanted me to know he had serious reservations about doing it.

When I opened the gift I quickly realized why...

It was a coupon book filled with things he would do for me... Of course my son would not want to give me coupons! I told him I understood completely why he didn't want to give me the gift but that I was totally going to use it anyway. *insert evil laugh here*

I informed him that I would wait until he least expected it - like when he was super mad at me - and then I would whip out my coupon book! BAM! Oh, you hate me? Well, here's a coupon for a free massage! Thanks honey :)

He found my glee over this somewhat disconcerting but I just continued to share various scenarios in which these coupons would come in extra handy for me. *snicker*

Honestly I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was reading these coupons. The illustrations just kill me. I especially love this one... "A walk with Aiden... your to young to Die! No!"

My kids are so awesome.


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