Spring Break Adventures

It is Spring Break this week and what a week it has been... and yes, it is only Wednesday.

My mom is here visiting and the kids are absolutely having a blast with her.

on Grandma's birthday

They have even managed to convince her to play outside with them several times in the piles and piles and piles of snow we still have.

the boys wanted to do silly faces... can you tell?

Of course the majority of us have been sick - because what would Spring Break be without illness? It started with Olivia and then progressed to Aiden and my mom and myself just for good measure. So far only Owen and Doug have escaped.
Olivia's fort

And just for some extra fun the roof in the kids' room, directly above the boys' bunkbeds, sprung a leak. Our landlord came over and shovelled off all the snow / chipped the ice off our roof so the water stopped coming in. But in the meantime we just had a sleepover on the living room floor! The kids thought it was great fun of course. We just pulled all their mattresses into the living room and set up camp.

Olivia inside her fort

All in all our Spring Break has been good though. Next week I head off to Dallas for a few days for the BlissDom conference where I can experience a whole different kind of adventure. I have to dig out my summer clothes because apparently there is no snow in Dallas (yay!).


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