The #WindowsPhone #HolidaySwap and Me - Part Two

I have been participating in the Windows Phone Holiday Swap for a few weeks now and wanted to give you an update on how it is working out! You can see my first impressions HERE.

I find myself using a few things on my phone over and over again- besides the obvious texting and taking calls (I almost never actually call other people).

You can pretty much guarantee that I will use two things every day- the camera and the Kids Corner.

The camera is BY FAR my favourite feature. I love being able to take quick pictures and videos of the kids (and other stuff) anytime I like. It is so darn handy!
made with Phototastic

Here is a little video I took of Olivia's dance class just to show you how the videos look. 

The quality of the pictures is great and there are a bunch of fun apps to use to pretty up the pictures and make them look even more cool. A few of the apps I particularly like are Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, Fhotoroom, Panorama and Phototastic.

taken with Panorama
click on the picture to see how Cinemagraph works

I love being able to share pictures to facebook and twitter anytime from wherever I am. It is crazy easy to do. I was never able to do that from my old phone for several reasons- first of all the pictures were super crappy quality and second sharing just wasn't an option.

photo edited with Fhotoroom

photo edited with Fhotoroom
You can also guarantee that my kids will ask to use my phone at least a few times per day. With Kids Corner I have no problem just handing it over to them since I know they won't be able to access anything other than their games.
screenshot of our Kids Corner today

I do get frustrated with the constant ads on the free version of apps but that is not unique to the Windows Phone. It sort of defeats the purpose of Kids Corner though when my kids are constantly clicking on the stupid ads and heading off to unknown places on the web. Not ideal. That means we have to actually buy the real version of any game they want to play and honestly that is just annoying considering how fast they go through games!

Overall I am very happy with my Windows Phone. It is super cool.


Unknown said…
This makes me want to try this phone even more.

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