The Year in Review

2012 has been quite the year - a mixed bag for certain. It has been filled with so much GOOD - so much that I am thankful for. Yes- there were certainly stressful parts to it and parts that sucked so bad... but I am thankful.

We started the year with my husband still unemployed, living in a house with no yard and driving a van that was falling apart (literally- the sliding door kept falling off).

We have ended the year with my husband working as the manager of our local food bank, living in a house with a massive yard and a beautiful van that was gifted to us by dear friends.

We have continued to access great services for our kids and Aiden's diagnosis changed from Autism and ADHD to Autism and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. It helps us to know what we are dealing with as we do our best to parent Aiden.

Owen was blessed with a phenomenal teacher last year who, along with our angel of a counsellor,  helped us access some much needed services. Owen was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder by our psychiatrist and is being tested for learning disabilities. He is doing really well right now because his current teacher is wonderful and supportive and he meets with our counsellor regularly and he is getting the help he needs.

Olivia's teeth were fixed by a really wonderful pediatric dental surgeon for free through a fantastic government program that we are so thankful we qualified for.

Aiden and Owen started swimming with the Dolphins Swim Club and they have the best coach in the world.

Olivia started dance lessons and makes an adorable ballerina.

I went to BlissDom in Nashville and a Dove retreat in Arizona and BlissDom Canada in Toronto.

And of course I worked like crazy.

We have been blessed with so very much. 

I am still thinking about what my One Word Goal for 2013 will be. I don't make resolutions but I do make goals and I am working on my list of those too.

How was 2012 for all of you?


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