The Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship

I was given the chance to review the Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship with Olivia and she was more than a little excited.

Olivia loves Barbie and thinks the cruise ship is amazing.

Here is some information about it:

BARBIE® SISTERS CRUISE SHIPBarbie® and her three sisters can take a magical trip on their family cruise ship! On the “water,” the boat features a steering wheel and space for two lounge chairs on the upper deck. When the boat docks, the side panel opens up to reveal another deck, an umbrella pops up, a fun swing that fits all four sisters flips out and a grand buffet rotates around. The back of the boat also pulls out to reveal a fabulous pool for the sisters to play in that features two slides for racing! For more splish-splashin' fun, a dolphin fountain puts water into the pool when filled from the top. When the day in the sun is done, flip up the deck to reveal two beds for the sisters to slumber in. Includes cruise ship, swing, pool, 2 water slides, buffet accessories, 2 fold-down beds, 2 pillows and 2 soft-good blankets. Dolls not included.Ages 3 and older $119.99 Walmart, Toys R’ Us, Sears 

Olivia was especially amazed with how BIG the box was and kept saying "it's as big as me!". It was pretty cute to watch.

The boat was fairly easy to put together and we were all (my sons included) thought it looked pretty impressive when it was all done. The stickers were my least favourite part to put on and I am left to wonder why sticker? Why not just have them already on before the boat is packaged? Because honestly, those stickers are annoying. Olivia's only problem with it was that it didn't come with a special Barbie in the box though.

This is what the cruise ship looks like all closed up:

picture from Mattel

and this is what it looks like when it is all open and set up nicely:
picture from Mattel

You can actually do some water play with the pool part - there is a place where you can pour water into and it comes out the little dolphin and into the pool. Olivia LOVES that part.

Olivia has some trouble getting the boat open and closed on her own but I think she will figure it out with a bit more practice. She also finds the bunk-beds a little frustrating because her Barbie's fall off if she doesn't have them tilted at the right angle. Her suggestion is that they should have a bunk bed railing like her brothers' bunk bed does. An excellent suggestion in my opinion.

If you have a Barbie fan in your house than the Sisters Cruise ship would certainly make a fantastic gift! It gets the Olivia seal of approval :)


It looks so cute!!! Besides the minor things sounds like you all really enjoyed it.

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