Do You Have Any Book Recommendations For My Boys?

Owen with one of his new books

Our school had a book fair this week and so the kids were allowed to choose some new books to add to their collection. Aiden and Owen both chose several new chapter books and Olivia chose a huge "Pinkalicious" book that contains a bunch of different stories and activities.

I think it is fair to say that we are a family who loves books. I have to be really disciplined about giving books away on a regular basis or they start to take over every available surface.   Since I review books I get a lot of them for free so once I have read them I pass them on to friends or our local library.

But kids books? I don't get nearly as many of those and those are much harder to donate because those are significantly more... abused loved.

I spent a significant portion of my growing up years with my nose buried in a book and if I had more free time I would spend a lot more time lost in books now. I just love books. And I love that my kids love to read too.

I maintain that there is no better way to escape than into the pages of a good book. But I swear I can not keep up with my boys and I have a terrible time finding books that they actually WANT to read!

Aiden is actually reading at a lower level than Owen because of his Autism and learning challenges but he is catching up and I want to keep him interested.

So do you have any good chapter books you can recommend for boys ages 9 & 10 (grade 4-5)? Aiden already finished one of his new books and Owen will be done his by tonight I am sure!

You just can't go wrong with a good book :)


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