There Once was A Phantom, A Unicorn and Werewolf ...

I know it might be hard for you to tell but Olivia is the one in the middle, dressed in the pink unicorn-with-wings costume. It's confusing since she blends in so well with Aiden-the-Phantom and Owen-the-Werewolf... but I assure you, the pink Unicorn is in fact Olivia.


They all look a little on the *poofy* side because it was below freezing here tonight and they were wearing their winter coats underneath their costumes. On the up side it was only snowing lightly and we didn't have to tromp through several feet of snow like we have in years past.

They had fun trick-or-treating but only lasted about 45 minutes. I think we went to about 30 houses total and then they were done and asked to go home! But even in that short amount of time they still managed to get a TON of candy. Ah the delights of Halloween.


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