Dental Surgery and Water Fun

I'm actually going less wordless and more word-full this wednesday!

We were in the city for the past few days so my poor little Olivia could have dental surgery. She ended up having to get FOUR root canals with caps because her teeth were so tiny there wasn't enough tooth for the dentist to work with! She was asleep for the whole thing so thankfully she didn't know what was going on but she is definitely still recovering.

I am very thankful for the paediatric dentist and the nurses and anesthesiologist at the hospital- they were all really wonderful to both Olivia and I during the surgery and the whole 7 hours we were there. People in the health profession really are something special. I was really nervous because it was the first time Olivia has been under general anaesthetic and we didn't know exactly what the dentist was going to have to do to fix her teeth. But all in all it went extremely well. She was SO brave and SO amazingly good!

Anyway, while Olivia was having THIS done to her precious little mouth (and I waited at the hospital)...

(ps. I swear we DO brush her teeth AND floss! Apparently we just suck at it... poor kid... I blame it on her being the third child... or genetics... or something.)

my boys were with daddy at the hotel trying to keep busy and entertained! My husband took some fun pictures of the boys playing on the waterslide at the hotel in Winnipeg.

Can you tell they had fun?


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