The Lorax on Blu-Ray review

I have so much good to say about this movie.

Our family loves pretty much everything about it- it is fun to watch, the music is catchy, the characters are entertaining, the graphics are fantastic... but most of all the message is so important!

We are Dr. Seuss fans in this house so we've had The Lorax book around since forever. I remember reading the book when I was a kid. The film manages to get the message across in a way that my kids have been talking about it ever since- and not just the "save the earth" message. They've been talking about the Once-ler and how he talked himself into thinking he wasn't being that bad but really he was caring more about selling his Thneed than about his friends the animals and the trees.

You can't go wrong teaching your kids that message!

We've only had the Blu-Ray for a couple of days and my kids have not stopped watching it. They watch the DVD in the van, they watch the blu-ray at home and they watch the digital copy on their iPods. They walk around the house singing the songs. They talk about it and discuss the animals and characters and consider what each must have been thinking and why.

It has sparked some pretty great conversations I must say.

A few extra cool overheard sentences:

Owen (age 8) : you know what I think is stupid? how O'Hare started selling air in BOTTLES when they should have just kept the air clean in the first place and let the trees grow because HELLO trees clean the air!

Aiden (age 10): even though Ted only wanted to save a tree for a girl at first once he heard the story he figured out that it was important so I guess it's ok to do stuff to impress a girl as long as the stuff is important stuff.

Olivia (age 5): that grandma [voice of Betty White] is so cool!

Aiden: what I don't get is how come all the grown-ups need a kid to tell them about trees. Why did they let the trees die in the first place? That was dumb.

Owen: but where did all the animals GO? that's not fair! you shouldn't just be allowed to take away everywhere where animals live and make them go somewhere else!

Olivia: I think the Once-ler feels really sad that he cut down all the trees and that's why he hides in that scary old house and has no friends. He had lots of friends before he cut down all the trees. Friends are better than his big stinky factory. He knows that now.

Owen: I hope no one ever lets someone cut down all OUR trees! I would so totally fight that guy! ( insert long conversation about battle gear and ways my children would wage war against evil tree-killing people here)

We also loved the bonus features on the combo pack. The 3 mini-movies are so fun. We've watched them about a dozen times as well. And of course the sing-Along is a big hit since my kids are such huge fans of the songs in this movie.

The bottom line? We LOVE The Lorax movie and we highly recommend it to all our friends :)


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