Babysitting Bunny

Now that Olivia is in grade one we have decided that perhaps Bunny shouldn't go to school with her anymore.

Olivia wasn't particularly thrilled with this plan but honestly we aren't sure how much more school Bunny can take... she has been extremely well loved and not everyone at school is as gentle with Bunny as Olivia is. Shocking I know!

We came to an agreement that Bunny would ride with us in the van to and from school and then I would babysit Bunny while Olivia is in school. I promised to take very good care of Bunny and follow any special instructions Olivia left for me.

Today I was instructed to give Bunny lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles and a bath.

Which is a really good thing because poor Bunny sure did need a bath after playing all summer long...

Bunny was starting to look more greyish than pink and even had some patches of fur that were a bit crusty from who-knows-what... it was definitely time for a bath.

I fulfilled my promise and bathed bunny (along with a load of sheets and blankets) and now she looks all bright and pink again which made her significantly nicer to snuggle with I must admit.

I think I did a good enough job that Olivia will even let me babysit Bunny again tomorrow :)


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