Things that Interfere With My Blogging Time...

I love blogging.

I really do- I love writing, I love sharing and I love the community.

You wouldn't know it though this month but I have a really good reason.

We are moving.


I seem to say that a lot.

This time we are only moving across town and you would think that should make it easier- and I suppose in some ways it does... but I still have to pack everything up and that is still a HUGE PAIN.

SO that is what I have been doing in all my "free time" over the past 4 weeks.

And can I just say that having all 3 kids at home for summer break makes packing SO MUCH EASIER!

Anyway, we are excited about our new home because it has a YARD! A big and glorious yard- 2 acres of space for the children to run and play in that is not inside my home. Delightful.

The house is a single family dwelling (our current home is a duplex) and there are neighbours only on one side so it is even quite private. Our new landlord seems very nice as well and that is always a huge bonus. We didn't have to move but we just couldn't resist such a great place.

I will show you all some pictures of the new place once we move in but in the meantime I hope you are all enjoying your summer!


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