Turn Off the Computer and #NourishYourSoul

One of the things I learned last weekend on the Dove Nourish Your Soul retreat is the importance of disconnecting every once in awhile!

 Trust me when I say that is REALLY hard for me to do.

At Canyon Ranch resort they have designated "cell phone areas" and everywhere else you are supposed to leave your electronic devices behind!

It was the first time in a long time that I spent 4 days in a row mostly away from my computer. I checked in briefly in the morning and at night but during the day I was busy taking full advantage of all the retreat had to offer.

At one point I had the option of spending an hour in my room catching up on email or doing something else and it was an honest-to-goodness internal struggle for me. There I was in Tucson, Arizona for the very first time at an incredible resort and I was honestly tempted to shut myself away in my room and check email and Facebook and twitter.

Social media addict anyone?

In my defense it IS my job but I had made plans to be unavailable for the weekend so I KNEW that I could leave it - and yet it was still a struggle.

But I gave my head a shake and took the advice we had heard several times already to BE PRESENT and took a walk by myself around the grounds of the resort instead.

It was a very good choice.

I am not saying social media is bad. Not at all. I love it AND it is my job.

BUT sometimes the very best thing you can do for your soul is turn the computer off and cell phone off. Disconnect for awhile.

Spend some time being really present wherever you are and enjoy the moment!

All of the pictures in this post are ones I took during various walks I took during my weekend at Canyon Ranch but here are some pictures I took at the Koi Pond I spent some time at during that first walk...

If you are interested you can see pictures of the lovely ladies I was on the Dove Canada Nourish Your Soul retreat with HERE :).


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