Make Better Choices

Life is all about choices and I am - very slowly - trying to teach myself to make better choices.

That sounds like such an easy thing to do...

Well of course I will! It makes perfect sense! Why WOULDN'T I make better choices?

And yet, for some inexplicable reason, I consistently fail to do so.

  • I stay up too late.
  • I worry about things I have no control over.
  • I eat foods that will make me feel worse, not better.
  • I sit down in front of my computer instead of going outside with the kids.
  • I get upset about something stupid instead of figuring out what I am really upset about and dealing with that.
  • I dwell on the crappy stuff instead of being thankful for the good.
I know that I am not the only one who does this. The challenge to make better choices is one we all face on a daily basis. 

There are awesome people out there who- when faced with a huge challenge- go all SUPERWOMAN and accomplish amazing things.

I am not one of those people.

When I see a huge challenge I curl up into the fetal position and cry. 

True story.

I would love to say that I am exaggerating here but I'm really not. The delightful combination of depression and anxiety and my general personality and complete lack of ANY sort of competitiveness pretty much mean that I would rather hide from the world indefinitely than face that mountain that my SUPERMOM friends are leaping over as we speak. 

But you know what? That just makes it all the more impressive that I have managed to accomplish all that I have in my life because, trust me when I tell you, it takes a whole heck of a lot of courage for me to face some things when every fiber of my being is screaming RUN HIDE QUICK BECAUSE THIS IS SO NOT WORTH IT!

As I look at this huge task of making better choices I tend to get a little overwhelmed. I mean there are just  so many things I want to fix/change/do/etc.. It may seem stupid to some of you but for anyone who has struggled with self-defeating thought patterns you will TOTALLY understand where I am coming from when I say that I convince myself to quit before I've even begun. 

I have a friend though- her name is Lindsay Dianne and she is awesome- and she once told me that she turned her life around by choosing to do one thing better a day. Just one thing. Each day she did one thing better than the day before and over time that made a HUGE MASSIVE difference in her life. In her case it meant losing LOTS of weight and having a much healthier lifestyle and becoming an incredible photographer but the principle could apply to anyone. (See just how awesome Lindsay Dianne is on her site

SO in my quest to make my rather chaotic life a little less chaotic I have started following Lindsay's brilliant plan of making one better choice a day. Or at least whenever I remember to make a better choice. 

This week I chose to go to bed when I was tired instead of staying up crazy late. 

It was a really good idea. Not an earth-shattering idea I admit- but one I don't often practice. 

Granted I didn't get time to write in my blog because all of my online time was filled up with my actual paid work (on the up side my paid work is to be online!) but I also wasn't quite as exhausted. I had less headaches. I wasn't grumpy-mommy. That is a very good thing.

Are you trying to make better choices these days? Do you find it difficult? 


Tara said…
Such a great post Tara. In the wake of my son being diagnosed with adhd I am trying to do this too. Our family life is pretty chaotic at times with two special needs children and juggling all family/work stuff. I am trying to slow down and adjust more to things my son needs and have more patience. So far it is paying off big time now I just need to get our house in order as we have far too much "stuff". I hate staring at all the boxes of stuff to be sorted but always find something better to do. Realistacally we need to move to a bigger place but I am holding out a bit longer till we buy a house. My goal up until that time is to get organized, get rid of stuff and start paring down, so when time comes will be prepared to pack. I hate moving, but this one will be a good one as we need it so badly!

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