Kindergarten 'Graduation' Cuteness

It was Olivia's kindergarten graduation ceremony yesterday and it was super cute.  

Our school doesn't make a big deal out of it- they sang a few songs and then handed out their certificates and gave them each a flower. It took 20 minutes start to finish which was just perfect.

Olivia was so proud of herself- and she especially loved her flower :)

This is Olivia with her teacher Mrs. Lindmeier :)

I'm not sure why she kept giving us her fake "posed" smile ... she was smiling her normal happy natural smile the whole time UNTIL she looked at the camera... silly kid!

Can you believe we managed to successfully get ALL THREE of our kids through kindergarten? It is amazing. Now if we can just successfully get them all through the other 12 grades we will be good to go!

Be proud pumpkin- you did it! You learned so much this year! You learned all your letters and all your numbers, and you can even read lots of words! You learned all sorts of interesting things, created all sorts of crafts, made lots of friends and gained all sorts of independence. We are so proud of you Olivia Joy :)

Today my little graduate spent the day with a headache and a sore throat though. I am hoping it is a one day thing and she can enjoy her last 4 days of school this week. Poor kiddo- what a crappy time to get sick!


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