Photos of the @DoveCanada #NourishYourSoul Retreat Participants

This is the group of lovely ladies I spent the Dove Canada #NourishYourSoul weekend with at Canyon Ranch resort in Tucson, Arizona...

( back row- Laurie, Judy, Me, Erica, Markie, 
front row- Melanie, Diane, Cindy , 
- Jen was taking the picture)

Here are the four ladies who won the Nourish Your Soul contest from Dove....

( Judy, Melanie, Cindy, Markie)

here are the other two ladies that were invited along by the company (like me) for publicity purposes

and here are the two amazing organizers...

( Jen & Diane) 

We were a wonderfully diverse group of women and it was thoroughly enjoyable getting to know each one of them!


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