Happy Mother's Day to Me!

The kids made me some great gifts at school this year. They were determined to keep them a surprise and the boys managed to do so until this morning. Olivia showed me hers yesterday but made me promise to act surprised this morning when she gave them to me again.

Special thanks to their teachers for making sure my kids made such wonderful gifts for me by the way!

Olivia made a few beautiful pictures. One was a flower that said "My love for you grows and grows and grows" and another was a picture of her and I holding hands.

She wanted me to "get dressed up" for my "special day" and the only dress I could come up with was a cotton sundress I have but she seemed ok with. Apparently I need to invest in a  few more princess dresses.

Aiden painted a wooden butterfly to put in a garden. We don't have a garden but I assured him we would find a place to put it outside near our front step.

He also made a card type poster thing with his hands on one side and the other side has a picture of an Owl and and poem type thing.

The poem says

"Awsome Mom.
My moms favourite colour is green.
My mom like to hug me. my mom likes me, Owen, & my sister Olivia.
My mom works on the computer.
My mom is allergic to chips.
xoxo: Aiden"

all in cursive handwriting!

Owen made me a beautiful book and book mark

The book says...

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mom:
by Owen
Happy Mother's Day

Reason #1: She's Super nice and kind
Reason #2: She's special
Reason #3: She's polite
Reason #4: She makes really good food
Reason #5: She loves me
Reason #6: She reads me Bed time story's
Reason #7: She hug's me
Reason #8: She snuggle's with me
Reason #9: She like's me
Reason #10: She thinks I'm special

Every page is coloured beautifully.

They were all so proud of their gifts and I could tell that they had put a lot of work into them!

Thank-you for the beautiful gifts and for being my wonderful kids Aiden, Owen and Olivia. Mommy loves you all SO much!

Happy Mother's Day :)


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