Day One of the #NourishYourSoul Experience at Canyon Ranch

I am at the beautiful Canyon Ranch resort in Tucson, Arizona for the Dove Nourish Your Soul retreat!!

My room is absolutely gorgeous...

and I was even greeted with lovely gifts from Dove upon my arrival in my room...

When I arrived the very first thing I got to do was go for a lovely late lunch with Laurie Jennings ( @lauriejennings - the Executive Editor at Chatelaine, Canada's #1 women's magazine) and Erica Diamond ( @WomenOnTheFence ) and a couple of the Dove contest winners.

I immediately learned that the food at Canyon Ranch is INCREDIBLE and the service is just amazing! It was great getting to know some of the ladies and to finally meet Erica in real life!

After our late lunch I checked out my room and then went to the pool with Laurie and one of the winners for a swim. The resort is just gorgeous and to be outside in this Arizona weather was an amazing thing for this Northern Canadian girl!

Last night we went out for an incredible supper and got to know each other a little better- what a great group of women!

Here are just a few pictures of the lovely ladies I'm on this great experience with...

Aren't they lovely?

And now off for day two!!


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