In Which Mommy Kills The Easter Bunny

Tonight, as the kids were on their way to bed, my 8 year old son Owen turned to me and said "mom, do you believe in the Easter bunny?" and I shook my head no.

It was in that moment I realized I had just killed the Easter bunny.

In my defense I have had a migraine for four straight days and I am not thinking very clearly.

Also? we've never made a big fuss about the Easter bunny. He isn't a big deal in our house because Easter is about Jesus. And I honestly have just never managed to get my act together enough to pull off hiding a zillion easter eggs outside. Half the time there is still snow on the ground here or it is newly melted and so you are hiding eggs in a sort of muddy slushy icky mess.

There is no green grass, no flowers, no leaves, nothing Spring-like or pretty to hide eggs in.

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. The forecast for Sunday? Snow. And no, I am not making that up.

Added on top of all that is the fact that my husband is a pastor and Easter is a pretty big deal in the church what with Jesus being killed and rising from the dead and all in one weekend. Easter is a busy time with lots of extra work for pastors and we've always wanted the kids to know that the important part of Easter is not that the Easter bunny can poop candy but that Jesus rescued us from an eternity in hell.

We may not have described it in those exact words but that is essentially the point we were trying to get across.

We've never tried to discourage believing in the Easter bunny... we've just never worked very hard to perpetuate the belief.

So honestly I was pretty shocked at how hard my son took the news that I didn't believe in the Easter bunny.

He was crushed. My 8 year old son cried and asked me how I could possibly not believe in the Easter bunny.

I told him that he was welcome to still believe in the Easter bunny if he wanted to, but he asked me what I believed and I think it is just a super fun story. I reminded him that we've always given them their Easter baskets and we would still do that so he didn't need to worry about that.

Then he said "how can you believe in Santa but not the Easter bunny?" and I quickly changed the subject.

So not going there.

Did I mention I have a migraine?

These questions are way too hard for me tonight!

Shockingly Aiden was totally fine with the whole "Easter bunny isn't real" thing. He said "ya, ok". And that was it.

Well ok then.

Anyone else kill the Easter bunny recently?

Happy Easter everyone.


koala_tea said…
Oops. I dreaded the Easter bunny question. I could dodge the Santa questions by reminding myself that Santa lives in our kindness to each other in the holiday season but couldn't ever rationalize the Easter bunny like that. Good for you for including the Easter Bunny at all. Many churches discourage the Easter bunny but I think that it's a nice addition. I agree with the hiding of eggs thing. The weather is not often great on Easter. Keep smiling and I hope your migraine goes away soon!
Unknown said…
Eeek! Tara, hear you. I think I *may* have ruined things for my 3 year old! Yikes!

She asked, "Mommy why does the Easter Bunny hide Easter eggs on Jesus' Resurrection?" To which (like you, I had a migraine and was really ill), I replied, "Well, Easter eggs weren't originally chocolate. They're just a symbol of birth and Spring. The chocolate is from chocolate companies who want to make money from a holiday. It's actually a brilliant idea."

My poor 3 year old just looked at me and said, "Ummm...okay, Mama. I think I'll go play now."

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