Spring has Sprung on Pinterest

The theme for Pretty on Pinterest this week is SPRING and although Spring hasn't really arrived where I am we had a brief and glorious taste of it over the past week. The weather was delightful and almost all the snow melted.

We all know that it will snow again and today it was back to being cold again... but that small taste of what is yet to come was wonderful. Although it really did confuse the kids.

This morning my daughter asked if Spring was done already! Poor kiddo.

I assured her that no, it was yet to come and she would know it had truly arrived when the grass turned green and the trees grew new leaves and the flowers started to bloom. She looked a little skeptical as she asked for her mittens but hope does spring eternal up here in the North :).

SO in honour of the Spring that is yet to come here are some of the beautiful things blooming on Pinterest this week....

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