Olivia Learning Money

We all know that it is important to teach kids about money otherwise they grow up thinking there is an endless supply and it has no value.

I'm sure many of us grew up hearing the words "money doesn't grow on trees" but my kids have an added problem... they think money is a little plastic bank card that mom and dad carry around with them. Olivia has a hard time even recognizing the different coins and bills half time because she so rarely sees them. We simply don't carry cash around that often!

When it comes to money our goal with the kids has always been to help them learn to be responsible with it. The trick has been HOW to teach that. Learning Money with Leo has been an excellent tool to help us begin to teach Olivia about money.

Olivia has loved playing Learning Money with Leo. She needs no encouragement from us to use the app- she chooses it all on her own. The app has a bunch of different games she can play and most of them she can do without any help. She did need some help reading some of the words occasionally though.

Learning Money with Leo is remarkably kid-friendly and we didn't find any "bugs" or "glitches" which was really nice considering it is a free app! Olivia loves Learning Money with Leo and I'm sure your kiddo will too!


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