Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 DVD & Doll review

I am sure no one who has ever been to my blog before will be surprised to hear that my ultra girlie-girl daughter Olivia LOVES Barbie. So I'm sure you won't be shocked to hear that she was more than a little excited when a package containing Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 on DVD and the Barbie from A Mermaid Tale 2 Doll arrived on our doorstep!

Seriously- just look at my daughter's face as she holds her new Merliah Barbie doll...

The doll is actually pretty cool- she can be played with either as a mermaid princess or as a surfer Barbie. Her surfboard converts into her mermaid tale. It is kind of hard to explain but my daughter can make it work with no problem and she is only 5 so trust me when I say it is very kid friendly!

Olivia is a big fan of the Barbie movies in general and this one was no exception. The funny thing was when we put A Mermaid Tale 2 in to watch both of my boys (ages 8 & 9) sat down and watched the entire thing too! Don't tell anyone though because I'm pretty sure they'd be mad at me for telling you :). But the fact is the movie held their attention whether they would publicly admit it or not!

MOVIE synopsis:

Merliah qualified for a HUGE international surf tournament… in Australia! Meanwhile, Calissa is at the Great Barrier Reef with many of the mermaids of the world, ready to participate in the crucial Changing of The Tides Ceremony. But when Merliah’s jealous surfing rival Kylie steals Merliah’s necklace and releases evil Eris from her whirlpool, Eris attempts to take over the ceremony and regain power over the ocean. Merliah & Kylie resolve their differences and work together to defeat Eris to save the ocean. They turn her own spell against her, and her tail transforms into human legs! Calissa, the mermaids, and the ocean are saved! Merliah & Kylie make it back to the surfing competition, just in time for the competition…

Olivia loved the movie of course and we've watched it about a dozen times since it arrived. She will obviously play with her Merliah Barbie in the bath tub (she IS a surfer/mermaid after all) but she certainly doesn't reserve her for the water only. She also plays with her while watching the movie which is really cute to watch.

But beware of trying to make Merliah swim too high in the air because she will go all rogue and fall on your head and that can hurt... just ask Olivia....


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