Blissdom and the To Do List the Never Ends

I have been working like crazy trying to get ready for Blissdom next week (YAY!!) but I am totally having one of those weeks where every time I check something off of my "to do" list I notice that like 10 things have been added to it so it just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. 

Source: via Tara on Pinterest

Plus my laundry pile is trying to kill me. 

But on the up side I get to go to BLISSDOM!! 

Focus on the good stuff right? Right :)

Today Doug took Owen to see his best friend play in his Ringette tournament - I just thought this picture of the two of them saying hi through the glass was so cute :)

Ok. Back to work for me.

The laundry isn't going to fold itself.

Stupid laundry not folding itself. pffft.

Here is my to do list for tomorrow....

I think it has a lot of potential for success :)


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