Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I have been blessed with some pretty amazing friends in my life.

But there is something strange about my friends... many times they seem to think they suck. They think they suck as mothers, as wives, and as women in general. No matter how many things they did RIGHT that day they seem to get stuck on that one thing they failed to accomplish and it makes them feel like they just don't measure up.

And when I am honest with myself it isn't just my friends who think that. It is me too.

I think we women are ridiculously hard on ourselves sometimes.

One day I was feeling particularly crappy about myself and I looked at my daughter. My beautiful, amazing, brilliant daughter and I felt like God was saying to me- how would you feel if Olivia were saying all those things about herself? What would you say to Olivia if she were sitting there calling herself a failure and berating herself for being such a complete loser? Would that be ok with you? Would you think Olivia is a failure if she were in your shoes?

And it hit me like a ton of bricks- if I want my daughter to grow up knowing that it is OK to not be perfect - that it is ok to fail and ok to struggle and ok need help and not be superwoman all the time - then I need to model that for her. I need to make sure that she knows that even though I'm not perfect I still am WORTH something. I'm still ok. I'm still a good mom and a good wife. I'm still acceptable and worthy of love.

And so it is my goal to be a little bit gentler to myself and to spend more time telling my friends the GOOD about them. To remind them that no matter how NOT perfect they are they are still WORTHY of being loved and accepted and they still matter!

Your worth is not dependent upon the cleanliness of your house or the size of your pants or how much you accomplished that day. You are worthy because you are YOU.

So the next time you get the chance remind yourself that it is ok to not be perfect. Be gentle to yourself. Let's take some time to try and accept ourselves for who we really are- not so that we never grow and never become MORE... but just so we don't constantly feel like we aren't ever good enough. Because we ARE good enough and we have a whole generation of little girls watching us and we need to show them that they are good enough too.


Tara this is exactly what I talk about all the time on my blog. I am actually preparing a post about it too. I know I have little eyes watching me. It is my responsibility to make sure I see myself as beautiful because that is what I am teaching my children. My son needs to see that women of all sizes are beautiful.

My daughters need to learn the self confidence that will guide them through life, and that starts with me. How I see myself will reflect on how they see me which affects how they see and feel about themselves.

Great Post, one of my favorites so far. Have a beautiful day!

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