What should I wear to #Blissdom??

Gonna Get My Bliss On at Blissdom!

I have mentioned before that I am extremely excited to be going to Blissdom in Nashville this year. I can't believe that in one month I will be at the Opryland hotel with 750 amazing women. Blissdom SOLD OUT this week which is pretty incredible too!

Satin Woods Boutique was my clothing sponsor for my last Blissdom conference and they set me up with some lovely clothing and so once again I will be wearing some of their beautiful things next month. I already have one shirt picked out and this is another one of my favourites- the Swept Away Bellini ...

By the way the Swept Away Bellini is on sale right now for 25% off!

I also need to choose a couple of other tops for the conference... what do you think I should choose?

Or something entirely different? Satin Woods has a great selection of plus size fashion for women so there is lots to choose from. I will be in Nashville for 5 days total!

What do you think?


C said…
That is so awesome, Tara! I agree with Sheri! You look amazing in blue! Have I told you how jealous I am of all the ladies who are attending Blissdom? Please pack me in your suitcase! I promise I won't take up too much space! :)

I also love the pretty purple/mauve and black patterned top. It looks like it would be really flattering and pretty on a lot of different body types. So pretty! Yikes. I just said "pretty" three times!
C said…
Whoops! I must be seeing things. I could have sworn I saw a comment from Sheri (or someone else?) saying you look great in blue. Now I don't see any comments other than my own. Anyway, I think you do look amazing in blue, Tara! Love all the items you've picked! xoxo
Gingermommy said…
I like the shirts with prints on them. Very nice. It is great for plus size ladies like us to have such options. I need to check out Satin wood, they are not too far from my home.
Bewildered Bug said…
I love patterns on you do picture #2 and definitely #5 (last one)

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