Pretty on Pinterest : Black and White

I have been asked numerous times what the appeal of Pinterest is. It is hard to explain but I am going to try because I love it!

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the delight that is Pinterest it is sort of like the best picture scrapbook ever.

Except it is online and you can put as many pictures as you like on it and you don't need any glue or tape or scissors and you can share it with all your friends instantly and they can add stuff to it too and you can see all their picture scrapbooks too.

And you can fill it with pictures and ideas and when you don't have the supplies or time or energy or drive to actually DO all your great ideas in that very moment it saves them all for you on one handy place so that if you ever DO get  the impulse to try and make your own silly putty or design your own house or change the world one good idea at a time... you can!

It is like inspiration and creativity and happy and distraction and a reality check all rolled into one handy dandy little time-waster called Pinterest.

Try it. You'll like it.

Just to give you a wee taste of it's delights I will share with you a few of my favourite "pins" (aka stuff I found) from this week. My friend Simply Stacie does this every week so I will go with her theme of "Black & White" just because it can be really hard to choose favourites!

Just look at how different all these pictures are...

Each picture - so obviously different and everything from funny to poignant! Where else could I find all those different things in one place?  Some were pictures I found on various sites across the web (like that last one of my daughter- I found that on my husband's flickr account) and pinned to Pinterest myself and some were ones other people found from who knows where and pinned and I just "repinned" off of their Pinterest boards.

You could probably spend hours on Pinterest (and I am certain some people do) but I usually hop on for a couple minutes at a time. It is a nice break and a fun way to clear my head.

Be sure to check out the other Pretty on Pinterest posts on Simply Stacie this week!

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