My Beautiful Smart Funny Little Girl

My husband took this picture of our daughter this week and I love it. I shared it on Facebook but I really wanted to share it here too. She is growing up so fast!

Olivia changes her clothes about 8 times a day... I believe in this particular picture she was sporting her summer tankini bathing suit top with a tutu. You can't go wrong with a look like that :).

I tell Olivia that she is beautiful (because obviously she is) but I also tell her that she is smart and funny and creative and all sorts of other things because it is so important that she knows that being pretty is so not the most important thing in life.

The thing is... she has decided that being PRETTY is the ONLY compliment she wants to hear.

We regularly have this conversation:

Me: Olivia, you are so ( *smart / creative/ funny etc. insert whatever non-beauty related compliment here*)
Olivia: you mean I'm pretty
Me: no, I mean that you are smart because of how well you wrote those words (or whatever)
Olivia: but I don't want to be smart I want to be pretty!
Me: explaining once again why it is great to be pretty and she is certainly pretty but that being smart and funny and creative is way more important because that is what really matters.
Olivia: no. I want to be pretty. *stomp stomp stomp*
Me: hangs head in shame as women everywhere take two giant steps backwards in our quest for being recognized as more than just eye-candy.

Oy vey.

It has actually started to get a little better lately though. Perhaps my message is finally starting to sink in ever so slightly. Today when I told her she was smart she said:

"ya ya, I know. And I'm funny and creative too. But I'm still pretty right?" 


Yes, Olivia. You are most assuredly pretty. There is no doubt about that my darling girl. Just look at that picture!!


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