I'm Going to Blissdom in Nashville!

I'm Going to Blissdom!

I've attended the Blissdom Canada conference two years in a row now and I LOVED it both times. This year I am super excited that I get to experience the Blissdom conference where it first began- in Nashville, Tennessee! 

This is exciting for me on a number of levels...

1. It is Blissdom and that is just plain awesome!!
2. I have never been to Nashville and there is just something amazing about going to Nashville!
3. I haven't even been to the USA in 18 years. I used to live near the border and would go all the time but since I moved away my passport has been drastically under-used.
4. I get to see my bff Shannon (@Shasherslife) again - I HATE that we live 21 hours away from each other.
5. It is BLISSDOM!!

I loved the outfits that Satin Woods sent me for Blissdom Canada so I ordered a few more shirts to wear to Blissdom in Nashville :).  I loved the look of this "Enchanted Top in Blue Velvet" ...

and when it arrived the lovely owner of Satin Woods had included this gorgeous "Turquoise Splendor" Necklace in with my order as a special gift! That was such a lovely surprise :)

I put the two together and got my husband to take a picture of me so I could show off my new outfit to you all...

So what do you think?

Is that Blissdom-worthy?

Are you going to Blissdom?

By the way- if you are a plus size woman (like me!) than be sure to check out Satin Woods. They have the most lovely designer styles for sizes 14+ and they ship worldwide. They also have a sale on right now :). 


~*Cee*~ said…
You lucky Duck!! I'm so jealous!!
Alyssa said…
You look amazing! Have fun! Yes a tad jealous but only in the most loving way possible ;)

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