My Baby Turns 5 Today!

I find it hard to believe but my baby Olivia is 5 years old today...

I find it astonishing that the sweet baby girl I gave birth to 5 years ago today....

has turned into this amazing little girl!

Even though we had her "Princess Tea Party" birthday party last weekend her excitement for her actual birthday was not diminished in any way and she was beyond excited this morning. In fact she was so excited that she started waking up at about 4 am!!

We let her open her presents from us first thing before she had to get ready for school. She was so cute- smiling and giggling and giving hugs :) .

 I started this blog when I was on bedrest in the last few months of my pregnancy with Olivia and I love that her whole life has been recorded here. One of the many benefits of blogging!

 Olivia was so excited to be the "special birthday girl" at school today- we walked in to her classroom and the first thing she did was tell everyone around her that today is her birthday. She happily skipped in to the room and up to her teacher to get her special birthday gift.

My birthday is Christmas day so I've never been to school on my birthday so I find it especially fun to see how excited the kids are to go to school on their special day.

 Grandma is going to come over after school to enjoy a special birthday supper and cake with us so my little princess' special day isn't over yet :) .

Happy Birthday sweet girl- we love you so much!


Happy birthday sweet girl!!!
Hope your days was ALL smiles and fun!

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