Merry Christmas to You and Happy Birthday to Me!

Wishing you all a truly wonderful Christmas day!

My sweet mother-in-law makes us all new jammies every Christmas and here are the kids and I snuggling up on Christmas Eve in our cozy new pjs.

Today we celebrate Jesus' birthday.

And mine!

Yes, today is also my birthday (true story) and I am now 36 years old. I used to REALLY hate having my birthday on Christmas day but I don't mind so much anymore - I love that my kids are so happy and excited to be with me... even if it is because they love that I give them presents on my birthday :).

Oh- and it is ALSO the lovely @LindsayDianne (aka the Urban Momtogropher)'s birthday today too so if you get the chance hop on over and wish her a good one!

Merry Christmas everyone :)


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