Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

I have the flu. Or the plague. Or scurvy. Or something equally unpleasant that has made me rather useless for the past several days.

While I have been spending my days dragging myself from my bed to the couch and back to my bad again my children have been enjoying their new Christmas presents.

I must admit it was excellent timing in that regard- the kids have tons to play with, all sorts of new and exciting things to explore and there is no school so I don't have to make sure any lunches are made or anyone looks presentable.

In fact everyone has pretty much spent the past few days in their jammies. I highly recommend it.

I am hoping the plague departs within the next day or so though because my house is starting to really LOOK like I've spent the last few days in bed and that is never a good thing.

Here's to your good health and mine!


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