Defend Dignity

This is a guest post by my friend Glendyne who is the director of Defend Dignity

The gift I need

Human trafficking and prostitution are the fastest growing criminal activity in the world next to the drug trade.  It takes all the profits of Google, Starbucks and Nike combined to add up to the profits made in selling human flesh.   The sad reality of our world is that it's so easy to sell people because there is such a ready demand to purchase them.   The purchasers of sex give no thought to the needs of the ones they buy.  Not too far away in my city, a young mother needs diapers for her babe and turning a trick is the only way she knows to get what she needs for her child.  How can it be that here in Canada there is a steady line up of purchasers for someone like this?

How do we fix what's gone so wrong with us?   Most days it feels like swimming against the current in a wide ocean of human depravity.  The problem is too big, the needs too great.

If it were not for the hope of the babe born so long ago in his own needy and unjust beginnings, the strong ocean currents would surely sweep over me.  Jesus left all that was rightfully his as God's son to come and be with us.  To be in the middle of this mess of  injustice and pain.   He is here with her.  He dwells among us.  He shows us the way.

How silently,

how silently

the wondrous gift is given.

I would be silent now,


and expectant...

   that I may receive

            the gift I need,

                    so I may become

                             the gifts others need.

Guerillas of Grace   Ted Loder

Join the campaign to end modern day slavery and defend the dignity of every  woman. Together we can end prostitution in Canada.


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