Christmas Concert Bonanza

This week we had a regular Christmas concert bonanza going on- Olivia's concert was on Tuesday, Aiden's was on Wednesday and Owen's was on Thursday! To add to the fun my husband volunteered to be the "sound guy" for the week so we were at the school for a total of 6 Christmas concerts ( 3 concerts, 3 dress rehearsals) plus Christmas carol singing on Friday morning.

It was a very full week but so much fun to be at the school too :).

Poor Olivia only managed to make it through one of her songs though before stage fright completely took over and she spent the rest of the concert on my lap. I felt so bad for her - she was trying so hard not to cry while singing a happy Hawaiian Reindeer Hula Christmas song :( .

Owen's class sang and signed "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" and they did awesome! Owen is the blonde boy in the back row wearing a red shirt and looking like he would rather NOT be in front of all those people. I also want to point out the kid with the fabulous afro on the side- that is my son's best friend who apparently has a real knack for sign language and zero stage fright :) !

Aiden's class did "Jingle Bells- Old and New". They sang and played various instruments including iPads!

The first video is from the dress rehearsal so you can see what the iPads looked like. The second video is the actual performance.

In the dress rehearsal Aiden was right in the middle in the back row but for the concert he asked to be off to the side because he didn't want everyone staring at him. He also choose the grunge-look outfit especially for the Christmas concert because he is just that cool :).

All 3 of my kids actually have a fair bit of stage fright... which they inherited directly from me since their dad has absolutely zero fear of being on stage. Why couldn't my kids have inherited their dad's fearless-ness instead of my stage fright?? Gotta love genetics.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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