Barbie and The Plague

I mentioned in my post yesterday I have the plague (aka the flu) and am feeling like I was run over by some sort of large vehicle. Twice.  I had hoped to be back to my healthy-ish self today but alas, the plague still has a tight fisted hold on me.

I managed to drag my carcass off the couch for awhile this afternoon though to help Olivia clean / organize her room. She had a layer of STUFF all over her floor and couldn't even find a place to play and her stuff was starting to spread throughout the house. That had to change.

I cleaned out her closet so her brand new Barbie townhouse could live in there and she is really happy with it.

But wow... even after just cleaning Olivia's small room I felt like I had climbed some sort of mountain and fallen down most of it. Not ideal.

Apparently I won't be cleaning the rest of the house today.

Which is unfortunate considering how it looks.

Oh well.

I do have the plague after all.


Paula Schuck said…
Sorry about the plague. That is one sweet barbie townhouse. Holy mackerel! I would have loved that as a kid.

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