My Shopping Spree at The Brick

This past summer I was lucky enough to win a cool contest with The Brick for a $2500 gift certificate to their store.

We were super excited but since we moved this summer and life was just ridiculously chaotic we decided to wait for a bit to spend the credit.

Well we finally did it!

The closest store to us is 4 hours away so we rented a trailer and drove to the big city to spend my winnings!

We had originally thought we would buy new dressers and a coffee table and ottoman to match our living room set and then see how much we had left... but they didn't have the right ottoman in stock and I didn't like the dressers... and a coffee table definitely did not cost $2500!

So instead we got this great Coffee Bean 3 pc TV Wall unit...

with the matching Coffee Bean Cocktail table,

Then we got a massive Toshiba TV to fit into the new wall unit

and surround sound home theatre system.

I gotta say there is nothing better than shopping knowing it is costing you NOTHING.

There is another great contest going on at The Brick right now called Flip it to Win!

They are giving away a ton of stuff right now so be sure to go and enter!


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