Mega Bloks Blok Squad Review

Guest Review by my husband Doug - all pictures in this post were taken by him as well!

Mega Bloks; Blok Squad, Fire Patrol Rescue | 2422

We received the box of Mega Bloks to review and my oldest boy was particularly excited to put it together. 

Aiden is quite good at putting together building toys and immediately got down to getting it all done.  

I think he quite liked building it.  He certainly liked building it more then posing for photos with the model!

Some of the details that were kind of neat were the extra little tools that the mini figs could use.  

Being a fire truck there was a model power saw, jaws of life, axe, sledge, air tank and a fire extinguisher.  

The instructions were easy for Aiden to follow (he’s nine, so above the +5 rating, and he’s played with this kind of toy lots).  Olivia (age 4) did fairly well but seeing how Aiden was directing the build didn’t get as involved as she might have.  

Both of them enjoyed playing with the models when everything was said and done.  I think this set was well planned.  Two mini figs, eight toy ‘tools’, a large and a small vehicle puts it in the just right category of stuff to play with when the kit it completely finished.  

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