Halloween 2011

Our town has the best policy ever- trick or treating is allowed from 6 to 8 pm. That's it. There is a siren that goes off when you are allowed to begin and another siren goes off at the end.

It is brilliant.

We had a great time tonight with the kids.

Olivia dressed up as a fairy...

Our friend Michelle painted Olivia's face for her- Olivia calls it "paint-facing" :)

She was NOT impressed when she realized how cold it was outside- this is her showing her angst at having to put her coat on and cover up her "fairy shirt"...

Owen-the-ninja and Aiden-the-phantom were good to go though- they just piled on some sweaters underneath their costumes like good Canadian boys.

I eventually managed to convince Olivia that she still looked just as pretty with her coat on- plus it was a lot warmer that way!

We walked around our neighbourhood and then drove over to Grandma's apartment building for one last batch of treats.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


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