Straight and Curly

I went and got my hair cut today- nothing exciting, just a much needed trim. My hair is naturally curly and for some reason every time I get my hair cut the stylists all want to straighten my hair after. They find it fascinating how different it looks and how long it is and how thin my hair is etc. etc. etc... 

This is what my hair looked like yesterday in its normal curly craziness. My son Owen took this picture of me and before he took the picture he put his own sunglasses on me so I would look "cool". 

and this is my hair after it was cut and straightened by my hairdresser...

My daughter likes it straight and wanted me to straighten her hair too. I didn't. I just can't take a straightening iron to her gorgeous untarnished curls yet!

My sons however did NOT like it. Aiden told me I didn't look right and Owen said "nope. It is just better the normal way."

I assured them as soon as I washed it my hair would go "normal" again. But it is fun to do once in awhile just for a change.

And to shock people. I get a lot of "wow I didn't even recognize you" type comments when my hair is straight. That is just entertaining :).


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