Long Weekend Blues...

I have a house full of sickies this weekend- my husband is the most ill followed by Olivia and Aiden. Owen and I are holding our own so far though.

 ( picture of Owen taken by my husband Doug)

We ended up doing nothing for the holiday weekend, just staying home and laying low to try and give everyone a chance to recover in time for week 2 of school. The boys were not too impressed with our lack of exciting adventures but sometimes you just have to stay home!

( picture of Aiden taken by my husband Doug)

Tomorrow we start week 2 of school. We have a big meeting with Aiden's teacher, EA, Special Education ladies, and Autism counsellor to talk about how we are all going to handle this year. We are also going to have another feeding therapy session with the Occupational Therapist.

Apparently appointments & meetings are our form of extracurricular activities :)


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