It is Far Too Early for Winter

This week the temperatures were below freezing two mornings in a row. It snowed. It hailed twice. It was generally a crappy weather week all around.

But today it is supposed to go up to 16 C (61 F) - YAY!

It is just sad when you have to wear hats / scarves / mittens / coats to school in September!

We also had another food therapy session this week. The goal of the sessions is to increase Aiden's comfort level with various foods. As I've mentioned before many kids with Autism have strong food aversions.

Playing with your food is strongly encouraged during feeding therapy!

This is Aiden's creation...

Owen's creation...

and Olivia's creation...

The therapy is actually helping too. Aiden has added a couple new foods to his diet and is more willing to have despised foods in the same room or on the table with him. It is going really well!


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