Win a $2500 Shopping Spree at The Brick!

Last month I was lucky enough to win the "Share Your Design" contest on Facebook Page

If you haven't entered yet you totally should.  All you have to do is share a design tip and a photo and you could win a $2500 shopping spree at The Brick!! 

This month the theme is Kids' Bedrooms and I am certain there are a few of you who could share a tip or two.

As I was saying I won last month and so now I have a $2500 gift certificate to spend and I am SO EXCITED!!

My husband and I have been talking about what we'd like to spend our prize on... should we go practical and buy some new dressers with drawers that aren't broken? Or a new vacuum cleaner? I've always wanted a Dyson vacuum...

 Or should we go totally frivolous and buy a king size bed ...

or a new home theatre system? 

I do know that I want to get the matching ottoman for our living room couches and a coffee table (since we currently don't have one!). 

What would you get with $2500??


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