Moving Day

We have really enjoyed our time at the lovely Akeeva Place- it was such an amazing blessing to have a place to stay during this crazy time of transition for us.

Akeeva Place is a sort of respite home for pastors / missionaries/ people in ministry who are in crisis or transition or just really need a break - if you know of anyone who fits in that category please pass on the link to them.

Tomorrow is our move-in day at our new home. We actually know very little about it... we know it is in the town we have been living in for the past 2 years. We know it has 3 bedrooms. That is the extent of what we know! Tomorrow will be an adventure.

Since everything is so last minute we haven't even managed to figure out vital things like an internet connection so I have no idea when I will get to be back online. I am hoping it will be right away!

I'll share pictures of our new place as soon as I have some!


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