First Day of School Anxiety

Tomorrow is the first day of school.

I vividly remember the feeling of panicky excitement I had the night before the first day of school every year. It would take me forever to fall asleep and I would wake up a zillion times in the night and far too early in the morning. I also remember the nauseous ill feeling I had.

And I loved school.

I mean I REALLY loved school. Always. I was THAT kid. You know the one- the one who loved getting new school supplies and never wanted to miss a day. It was fun. Even when it was hard I still loved it. I didn't always love the social drama aspects of school... we moved a lot and I was always starting at a new school and making friends was scary.

My son Owen- my middle child- is a lot like me. I mean REALLY a lot like me. He seems to have inherited all of my marvellous super crappy anxiety issues.

I really hate that he has inherited that from me.

Actually all three of my kids have inherited my anxiety somewhat but Owen ... poor sweet Owen... he got it in full measure.

So tonight my sweet boy is excited and terrified all at once... and it took him ages to go to sleep because of the tummy ache and anxiety. It kills me to watch that.

I wish we could CHOOSE what we pass on to our kids... yes to the green eyes, no to the anxiety... but sadly we can't.

Oh the joys of the first day of school!


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