The Bikini Dilemma

First of all let me just say that my husband and I are not huge fans of the bikini... and especially not on our daughter.

But in our defense when she got this bikini a couple years ago it was a tankini and more like shorts and a tank-top... but the child just keeps getting taller and taller and taller and now there is like a mile of tummy showing in between the top and bottom.

I tried to get rid of the bikini.

In fact I thought I HAD gotten rid of it when we moved.

But alas... apparently I did not.

Because the other day Olivia came out of her room thrilled that she had found her beloved bikini in one of her boxes.

In her defense it is hot and we have no air conditioning in our house.

Plus, how can you argue with fashion sense like this...
(I did NOT ask her to pose like this... she does that all on her own... I shudder to think of the teen years)

I mean seriously- faded too small tankini (it used to be crazy bright pink) paired with a purple headband and fuzzy pink princess winter boots.

Outfits just don't get any better than that my friends.


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