Winnipeg Children's Museum & Assiniboine Park Zoo

Earlier this week we took the kids to the Winnipeg Children's Museum and Assiniboine Park Zoo. It was a really fun day and I wanted to share some more pictures with you all :).

At the children's museum there were tons of fun things to do but one of the kids' favourites was the water play area...

I thought Olivia looked cute walking around holding her purse lol

Aiden was a huge fan of the city building blocks area. He asked me to take his picture with his city creation...

Olivia insisted on playing for a bit in the special toddler area- she was totally the biggest kid there but loved it anyway.

I didn't get nearly enough pictures of either place but I am hoping that my husband puts some of his pictures up at some point too!

It was the perfect weather for the zoo- not too hot and a bit overcast. It wasn't too busy either.  We rented a little cart to pull the kids in when they got tired of walking. I am SO glad we did that!

There were peacocks and peahens wandering all over the place and the kids got a kick out of how close they would come.

They tried valiantly to touch the peacock's tail but they weren't THAT tame!

We watched a raptor show (birds of prey) and the kids got their picture taken with Bruce the Bald Eagle (and Bruce's human friend too).

It was a really fun day! If you are ever in Winnipeg be sure to check out the local sights- the city has a lot to offer :).


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