Scenes from our Country Hideaway

Akeeva Place (otherwise known as the gift that is our temporary home) has the most amazing yard and the kids have had so much fun exploring it!

There is a shed in the yard with a tiny little playhouse attached to one end of it. Inside is a tiny little sink and shelves and play kitchen stuff and it is all perfectly Olivia-sized. It is adorable and of course Olivia loves it.

Behind the shed is a climbing structure made of old tires and logs. The boys love it of course. And for the safety conscious out there- it is all very securely stabilized and attached and safe and stuff ... my husband even climbed to the top to make sure it wouldn't collapse or anything. These country folks totally know what they are doing.

Olivia and I found this little ladybug while we were exploring and I just had to take a picture of it :) .

Olivia (and a nerf gun of course) looking out over the lovely Manitoba fields beside the home. Percy the dog diligently watching out for her safety as usual. Love that dog!


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